Liquivida IV Therapy

Rejuvenation Medi Spa is happy to announce we are carrying Liquivida IV therapy that’s helping people across America to replenish, rehydrate, and revitalize through vitamin IV therapy, and innovative weight loss solutions.

IV drips—which must be administered by our medical professional staff—help replenish and reinvigorate the body by delivering a customized mega-cocktail of essential vitamins and micronutrients intravenously. Unlike most OTC vitamins and topical treatments, which can take days or even weeks to produce results, IV drips release mega doses of essential vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, meaning users see results quickly—typically within 24 hours or less—with no downtime and minimal to zero discomfort.

Slow Down Aging with a Fountain of Youth IV Drip.

Nutrient IV therapy can help slow down the signs of aging with Liquivida's Fountain of Youth drip. Wrinkles, liver spots, crow’s feet, and sun spots can all be made less noticeable. How? Well you just need the right nutrients. A lot of toxins can cause our skin to look spotty and discolored. There are certain nutrients that can help remove free radicals in our bodies so that our skin looks better. Skin can also look worse when we’re not getting enough water and are dehydrated. Luckily, there are vitamins and minerals that can help rehydrate your skin. When your body gets the right ingredients, it can help you look younger, and looking younger helps you feel younger.

Rise and Shine: Liquivida's Hangover Fix.

Look, we all like to have a good time. Sometimes we get carried away. There are a lot of different cures and elixirs, and some natural ways to overcome it. If you want to feel better ASAP, and who doesn’t when your head is pounding, you gotta try a Rise and Shine IV drip to beat your hangover. One of the main reasons for being hungover is dehydration. Dehydration is very common and can cause some serious damage. That’s why it’s important to make yourself hydrated so that all your cells are getting the tools they need to function.

Natural Defense to Boost Your Immune System.

People get sick. It happens. Some people don’t like to wash their hands after coughing or sneezing. It’s gross but what can you do? You can get the Natural Defense drip that is made to help increase your body’s defenses. It’s a good way to avoid spending money on some medications or doctor’s visits. Besides getting enough sleep, staying fit, and eating right, you can get the exact right vitamins and minerals to stop you from getting sick quickly. It works better than drinking a gallon of orange juice, that’s for sure.

Try the Executive to Achieve Mental Focus.

This Liquivida IV drip is known to help improve focus and concentration. A lot of us are juggling our work lives with our personal lives and sometimes it feels like there’s too much going on. We just get too tired. Work gets stressful and it can be hard to remember what you have to do. It helps to have a healthy lifestyle but sometimes you need a bit more. With the right nutrients, you can feel more aware of your surroundings and hone in on all those tasks that you’ve been putting off. Nutrient IV therapy can really help you do better at work.

Detoxify with Chelation Therapy.

Most people are careful about a lot of things but often we neglect the environment. Pollution exists and sometimes it can be in the air we breathe and even some of the food we eat! It can make us feel unwell but luckily chelation therapy exists and can remove toxins and free radicals. Chelation therapy also can give you more energy and help you look younger. Sure there are lots of nutrients that can help you detox, but if that’s not enough, you might need some chelation therapy. Your body will thank you.

Achieve Your Ideal Skin Tone with a Glutathione IV Drip.

Antioxidants, we’re told, have great health benefits for our circulation and blood. Glutathione is an antioxidant that can do that and more. If you want to increase your strength and endurance, detox your body of things like mercury, prevent Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, among other things, then you should check it out. As mentioned above, there are other nutrients that can help with different things, but glutathione is unique as to what it can do. If you’re feeling a little weak and anemic, it could be right for you. It will help regulate your body and its metabolism so you can start to feel better again.

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