1. How a Medical Spa Can Help You Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions

    The new year has come and gone and now a few weeks into January, it’s time to re-evaluate your New Year’s resolutions. While we start the year off bold and ambitious, most people know all too well how easy it is to quickly fall off your horse and lose sight of your goals — even after just a week or two. But don’t give up yet! Have you considered that a medi-spa might be able to help you st…Read More

  2. 6 Medi-Spa Gifts You Can Gift Your Loved Ones This Christmas

    Christmas season is upon us, and that means one thing — it’s time to start thinking of wonderful gifts for your friends and family! At this time of the year, everyone is scrambling over themselves to catch the best Black Friday steals. Why don’t you save yourself the trouble and consider getting your loved ones some Medi-Spa services instead? There are plenty of services we offer that would …Read More

  3. Medi-Spa Services to Take Advantage of in Fall

    Summer has finally reached its end. The days of the blazing hot sun are behind us, and the days of crisp autumn air and pumpkins galore are ahead. While the arrival of fall is very welcome indeed for people who are tired of sweating to death in the summer heat, it can also have some adverse effects on your skin. At Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, we’re not having that. Our mission is to help as many peop…Read More

  4. Common Misconceptions About Botox

    As we grow older, it’s only natural to look towards aesthetic medicine to reduce the effects of aging. There is nothing wrong with this — humans have been inventing ways to make themselves younger ever since the most ancient civilizations. We live in a day now where we’re lucky to have an incredible variety of anti-aging treatments, one of the chief among them being Botox — a treatment tha…Read More

  5. How to Prepare for Tattoo Removal Services

    So, it turns out that the tattoo you thought would be so permanent isn’t something you want on your body after all. Don’t worry — we won’t ask why. Regardless of the reason, you’ve got a tattoo that needs to be gone, and at Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, we’re here to help with its removal. We have helped hundreds of people in the Prince Frederick and La Plata areas with our tattoo removal ser…Read More

  6. Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal That Need Debunking

    At Rejuvenation Medical Spa in the Prince Frederick area, laser hair removal is one of our main services, and a popular one at that! We very much believe in the beneficial qualities of laser hair removal. Unfortunately, certain myths and fictions have been passed around regarding the procedure, and a lot of people buy into them. Here are some things about laser hair removal that we’re sick of he…Read More

  7. Why Consider Botox in Your 20s

    When you hear the word “Botox,” you might have an image in your head of someone with deep, seemingly permanent wrinkles going in for some serious treatment. However, we are here to tell you that this isn’t the case. You’d be surprised how many men and women in their twenties and thirties come in for Botox treatments. So why is this happening? Preventative Care Our skin goes through a lot d…Read More

  8. Kybella FAQs

    If you have ever found yourself lamenting over photos of you because of excess chin fat, don’t worry. We at Rejuvenation medical spa would like to tell you a bit more about one of our more popular services: Kybella! Many people have questions about Kybella before they decide to get it done, so we are here today to answer these questions and help you feel more prepared before you dive in. Read on…Read More

  9. Botox FAQs

    Even though Botox is one of the most popular procedures in medical spas across the United States, many people still wonder exactly what happens during the procedure and how the effects will look on their face. If you are one of the many curious people who are interested in learning more about Botox, keep reading! You can contact Prince Frederick’s premier medical spa for your appointment: Rejuve…Read More

  10. Other Common Skin Damaging Sources

    In our previous blog, we highlighted the most common skin damaging source: The sun’s ultraviolet radiation. There are, however, many other ways that skin can suffer long- and short-term damage; today, we’ll cover many of the most common of the non-solar skin damaging elements. Skin Damaging Habits and Habitats Smoking Smoking is bad for your body in general, but can be especially harmful to sk…Read More