Why Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

If you’re in the Prince Frederick or La Plata area and you’re considering the idea of laser hair removal, ask yourself an important question — why do you want to get this service? Sure, there are some practical reasons at play, such as body hair being uncomfortable and annoying to perpetually maintain, but no matter what your motives are, it’s highly likely that looks play into it.

Most people feel more attractive when they’re free of their pesky body hair, free to show off their soft, smooth skin. And that’s why — if laser hair removal is on your radar — you should consider doing it in the winter or spring! Keep reading to find out why these are the best seasons to get this service from your local med spa.

Laser Hair Removal Takes Several Months
Is your goal to have beautiful, smooth, hairless skin just in time for summer? Well, you’d better get a move on, because laser hair removal takes longer than you might think! Indeed, this isn’t just a “one and done” process — it actually requires continual treatment. Except to schedule four to six sessions, each one spaced about a month apart. That means, if you start during the cold February winter, you’ll be right in time for summer when your sessions conclude in June!

You’re Not Shaving or Waxing As Much
If you want ideal results with your laser hair removal procedure, it’s important to remember that the less you irritate your skin, the better. If you’re consistently shaving or waxing, you’re changing your skin from its natural state, which can have subtle effects on the long-term process of laser hair removal. You, of course, aren’t forbidden to shave, but it’s ideal if you reduce the frequency of it.

Now think — when do you wax or shave more often? The warm summer, or the frigid Maryland winter? The answer is obvious; in the cold winter air, you’re probably wearing lots of layers and generally less concerned with staying on top of your body hair 24/7. Might as well take advantage of that and get laser hair removal now!

You’ll Want to Avoid the Sun
On top of prepping for summer and being less harsh on your skin during wintertime, there’s also another big benefit — you’re not seeing a whole lot of sun during the winter seasons! This is a boon to your laser hair removal because the sun is no bueno for skin that receives this treatment.

First off, the lasers in this procedure target melanin, which is abundant in your dark body hair. However, if you’ve recently gotten a tan, it’s possible for the machines to target the melanin in your skin instead! You want the machines to focus exclusively on your body hair, so the paler you are, the better.

Secondly, it’s also good to stay clear of the sun after the procedure. Laser hair removal leaves your skin more vulnerable and sensitive, which makes it easier for your skin to burn. This is not only unpleasant, but it also damages your skin! Nobody is ever actively looking to get sunburned, so by getting laser hair removal in the winter, you’re reducing that possibility.

Laser Hair Removal in Prince Frederick and Surrounding Areas
We’re still right in the thick of winter — so it’s the perfect time to head to your nearby med spa for laser hair removal! Fortunately, if you’re in Prince Frederick, La Plata, or any other surrounding regions in Maryland, we know the perfect place — Rejuvenation Medical Spa!

Our med spa is stacked with spa services and medi-spa services, one of the most popular being laser hair removal. We’d love to help you get started on this process now so you can reap the benefits throughout the summer! Ready to get started? Contact us today!

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