Why Fall Is a Great Season to Consider Tattoo Removal Services

We know what you might be thinking — if you, for whatever reason, have a tattoo that you absolutely loathe, any time is a good time for removal. But, of course, there are many factors that might prevent somebody from going through with their tattoo removal services, such as indecision, finances, or life responsibilities.

However, you’ve got to get that tattoo removed eventually, and at Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, we think fall is a great time to do it. Here are some reasons why.

Why Fall is Great for Tattoo Removal

Just in Time For Your Halloween Costume

A lot of people don’t like to get their tattoo off during the summer — it’s beach season, and the last thing that people want to be romping around in swimsuits with irritated areas on their skin and a tattoo that’s only half there — even if you don’t like it, a bad finished tattoo usually looks better than one that’s in the middle of the removal process.

But in autumn, conditions are much better. First off, it’s not a season where you’re routinely taking your clothes off — things get colder and with sweater weather in full force, you’ll be able to easily hide your in-process tattoo removal. And as a bonus, it also gives you enough time to get it done before you finish your Halloween costume!

While we stand by what we said with clothes not coming off in Autumn, well, this isn’t really true on Halloween, where a lot of people show more skin than usual with their costumes. Hey, we’re not judging, but wouldn’t it be great if you could just be rid of it so it won’t be visible when you don your Halloween costume?

A lot of people have tattoos and it’s not like people are going to think less of your costume because one is showing, but if you don’t like the tattoo in question, Halloween could be a great moment to “show off” your newly untattooed skin!

Avoiding Awkard Conversations on Thanksgiving

At Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, it’s not like we offer tattoo removal because we hate tattoos. In fact, we think tattoos are great! Unfortunately, there are many people who are steeped in tradition who still have more unsavory opinions about them. If this is the kind of personality that describes certain folks in your family, you’re not alone.

For those who have families that are anti-tattoo, it can be an awkward, nerve-wracking, or stressful experience to “come out” to them about your new ink — especially if the tattoo is impossible to conceal. And, what point in the year is most known for family reunions? Thanksgiving, of course.

Want to spare your family from their dour commentary on your youthful act of rebellion? Get your tattoo removed before the holiday even happens and they will be none the wiser!

It’s also worth mentioning that some families are totally cool with tattoos, and you might just be embarrassed to show them that tattoo. Regardless of your family’s opinion on the matter, it’s never too early to rid yourself of a bad ink job.

Merry Christmas to Yourself

Yeah, yeah, Christmas is the season of giving and goodwill to man and all that. But what hardworking adult can resist splurging on themselves at least once during the holiday season? If you’ve been stressing yourself out far too much, you deserve to get yourself at least one nice little Christmas present. What better way to give yourself a gift than to get rid of that tattoo that you’ve hated for so long?

Our Picosure tattoo removal services do an amazing job at tattoo removal, and being able to look at your skin and not see your tattoo is quite the gift indeed.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to take the plunge yourself. If you feel weird about getting yourself a Christmas present, you can always make it your top choice as a preferred gift if you have friends and family asking you what you want from Santa.

“Treat Yo Self Day” is October 13

This one is for our TV buffs — in the popular show Parks and Rec, two of the main characters go on a wicked shopping spree in which they continually urge each other to “treat yo’ self” — that is to say, buy yourself anything and everything that makes you happy!

This point is similar to the Christmas one above, but the idea is that every adult, every once in a while, should have just one day where they feel free to indulge in something for themselves.

Parks and Rec eventually became a cultural hit with millions of fans, so the fanbase unofficially dubbed October 13 (the episode’s air date) as “Treat Yo’ Self Day.”

And this day, naturally, drops in Fall. Is it recognized on calendars? No. Will it ever be? Most likely not. Do you see mentions of it on your social media every year? Probably. Should you treat yo’ self on October 13? Definitely.

Fall and Winter Aren’t as Physically Demanding

Another reason why our PicoSure tattoo removal services are a great choice for fall and winter is because, in general, people are less physically active. This may be true for you, it may not be — but when the weather is cold and you start donning jackets, you’re generally not doing as many things that put wear and tear on your body.

This is important, because if you want the best results from your tattoo removal job, it’s best to treat the skin with care and keep it away from irritants or rough contact. Tattoo removal sure wouldn’t be very convenient in the summer if you’re routinely playing tackle ultimate frisbee, you know?

In the colder season, you not only expose yourself to less risk of rough physical contact, you also tend to wear more layers, which are good at shielding the skin from unwanted stimuli. It’s a win-win scenario for recent tattoo removal patients!

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Services in La Plata

Are you considering coming in for tattoo removal? Is there a tattoo that has just haunted you for years that you’re finally ready to get rid of for good? Well, there couldn’t be a better time, and if you’re anywhere near the Prince Frederick or La Plata area, we can provide the service ourselves with our high-quality PicoSure tattoo removal services. We are highly experienced in tattoo removal, having handled thousands of treatments for our local Maryland clients.



Before you come in for tattoo removal, however, we advise you to familiarize yourself with what the process entails, and read our tips about the things you should know before you get your tattoo removed. Fortunately, if you have any questions about the procedure, or whether or not you’re a viable candidate for tattoo removal, we’d be more than happy to answer them. We’ll help you understand what’s in store for you if you go with our PicoSure services, as well as how your skin will likely react.

Ready to be rid of that tattoo you loathe forever? Stop by our medical spa! Additionally, we offer an incredible variety of spa and medi-spa services. If you’re craving a fine microdermabrasion treatment, a spray tan, a facial, or any other manner of services that will make you feel young and beautiful, contact us today!

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