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Many people think that treating their eyebrows or other unwanted body hair with waxing and shaving are much the same, but that isn’t exactly true. While many believe that waxing is just an upgraded version of shaving, it is actually more of a separate, dramatically improved, thing altogether.

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Why Waxing is For You

Ease of Use

Waxing couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is lay back and relax while a licensed aesthetician at Maryland’s Top Rated Local® spa, Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, takes care of your hair. We find it surprising that so many women find the idea of waxing to be bizarre, considering that they do not cut their hair little by little every couple days to maintain it, but go to an experienced hairdresser to regularly maintain it as a whole. Waxing is similar in the sense that visiting infrequently is enough to have long-lasting results that will greatly outpace whatever effort it would take to even somewhat maintain the look at home with daily maintenance.

Superior Results

Metaphors aside, waxing provides a far superior result to shaving or other hair removal methods. Since shaving essentially “cuts off” the hair follicle at the skin’s surface level, the hair is able to quickly grow back. Waxing removes the hair entirely, from the root upward. Because of this fact, the hair takes much longer to grow back. In fact, waxing offers an even more heightened result over time, as the hair begins to grow back thinner or not at all. Yes, over time continued waxing can actually eliminate the hair permanently. No matter how often you shave, that is not a result that will occur.

Longer Lasting Benefits

Even if we just look at a single waxing session, the differences are still evident. With a single wax you can relax on the days leading up to a wedding or during your entire summer vacation without having to worry about shaving every day. Not only that, but even after the first wax, your skin will be noticeably smoother for days, usually weeks longer than shaving will give you. With just one wax you can leave the razor at home and have one less thing to worry about for your next trip.

You’ll Love It

The biggest reason that people come back to Rejuvenation Medi-Spa for regular waxing has less to do with needing to keep it up, but much more to do with them absolutely loving it. If you’ve ever known someone that gets regular waxing, then you can probably attest to how much they swear by it. We know that if you come in once for a waxing, you’ll appreciate the result far beyond just one time. Whether you’re looking for perfectly contoured eyebrows that give you an optical facelift by removing blotchy fuzz around your eyes or making delicate areas easier to maintain, you’ll fall in love with the professional service, relaxing experience, and, of course, the amazing results!

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