Upcoming Event? Get a Spray Tan!

We often hear of people attempting to go from no base tan to perfectly bronzed in a matter of days or weeks for an upcoming event. Whether you’re about to attend a wedding, graduation, party, or even a job interview, you may want to get a tan quickly without the risk of it coming out, well, not so great.

20 Minutes for an Island-Ready Body

The benefits of spray tanning far outweigh anything you may have ever heard to the contrary. In fact, spray tanning is, without a doubt, the safest and most effective way to improve the look of your skin in a matter of days – or minutes, for that matter. Here’s why you should consider a spray tan over a heavy dosage of harmful UV rays next time you need to bronze:

No Harmful Radiation

As mentioned, spray tans are UV-free. This means that you won’t be risking some skin damage just to look great for a single big day. If you aren’t someone that tans regularly, or if you just want to lock down a specific skin tone for an event, there is absolutely no comparison between a spray tan and a sun- or tanning bed-based tan. You won’t have to worry about getting a base tan to avoid burning to a crisp in your attempt to cram tan for the big day, because a spray tan will look better and avoid all the risks.

20 Minutes

You can’t do very many things in 20 minutes; heck, anymore you can hardly even get a decent latte in 20 minutes! But spray tanning gives you the ability to get an awesome-looking tan in 20 short minutes (plus a little time to let the tan sink in and develop). Still, you’ll get an immediate benefit that, while not white-dress approved for the first couple of hours, will be totally safe to wear with anything after you take a quick shower. 20 minutes gets you a beach-ready body with a post-beach-tan look that’ll last you plenty of time to get through any type of event looking your absolute best.

Absolutely Even & Streak-Free

No matter how you tan, if you’re actually tanning, you cannot guarantee that your tan will be even and avoid any “streaks” or “crease marks” that happen from a few rounds of fake baking or laying out. In fact, even established tanners can sport streaks or creases after only one overcooked or mispositioned session. When spray tans are applied correctly, such as by the staff at our spa, you won’t have to worry about any streaks or uneven portions; your tan will be 100% ready to go without worry about how it will come out the day or or day before. Plus, the technology behind the spray has gotten so much better that you don’t have to worry about your skin coming out anything but your desired color.

Choose Your Tone

When you tan using UV radiation, you’re hoping to come out a halfway-decent color that is better than pale – hardly reassuring before the big day, right? Spray tans, however, give you the ability to customize and select your desired color; this added option gives you the freedom to go as dark or light as you want to. You can look like you just got back from vacation or just have a healthy glow to your skin – you be the judge!

Temporary or Continuous

Most women choose to spray tan whenever an event calls for them to “buy a dress,” but plenty of people keep up their spray tan continuously to remain looking their best year round. There really aren’t any long-term effects to keeping a spray tan or letting it fade, you simply get to choose what your level of commitment to the tan is and act accordingly. Want to stay bronzed forever? Great. Interested in just looking a bit less pale for your best friend’s late-March wedding? We’ve got you covered. Spray tanning at our spa really does give you the most possible options.

Visit Our Spa

Whether you’re looking for your first or fifteenth spray tan, the staff at Rejuvenation Medi-Spa has you covered! Here, you can enjoy an entire suite of spa and medical spa services, conveniently located in Prince Frederick! Anytime you’re looking to improve the way you look or feel, you can count on our experienced team.

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