The Largest Cause of Skin Damage

People ask the staff at Rejuvenation Medi-Spa what they can do to prevent damage and premature aging to their skin frequently; while there are many answers, tips, tricks, and even products that we can point them to, by far the largest thing one can do is limit exposure to sunlight. The sun is, by a wide margin, the most damaging force our skin will encounter throughout our lives and accounts for most people’s grievances with their skin.

The Truth About Sunlight

UV Radiation

We’ve all heard of the ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun shines down on us daily. For many, mothers annoyingly lathered us with sunscreen at the beach to protect from sunburn and UV damage, especially when a link to skin cancer was found from the UV radiation in sunlight. Now, we know that sunlight is the leading cause for skin cancer, and reckless sun exposure can lead to this life threatening condition down the road.

Skin is Unforgiving

For most of our body, a bad or dangerous behavior can be “forgiven,” in the sense that the body can recover if you simply remove the bad habit, but our skin isn’t as kind. Sun exposure, even very early on in life, leads to permanent, often imperceivable, damage. What was a sunburnt childhood summer can later lead to freckles, early wrinkling, and even rough, leathery skin later in life.

Not Just Tanning

While tanning is certainly harmful to your skin, most sun damage comes from small amounts of everyday exposure. For some of us, this UV radiation damage comes from sunlight shining through our car windows, sitting on the porch, or even just minor trips in and out of the house. These minor exposures to UV radiation do add up over time, and your skin may come to reflect that damage later on.

Damage Laying Dormant

As mentioned above, UV damage can often go unseen for long periods of time. This opens the door for further damage to pile on top, compounding future damage to the skin’s appearance. These photos from the American Academy of Dermatology clearly show the progression of damage UV radiation can have beneath the surface of our skin. Beyond this, almost all of the latest information from the American Academy of Dermatology suggests that damage from UV radiation can take years, even decades, to manifest in visible symptoms.

It’s Not Hopeless

While it may seem like we’re painting a pretty bleak picture, the reality is that it is never too late to begin reducing visible sun damage by better protecting yourself from the sun’s rays. This reduction in UV radiation can be coupled with modern services and treatments to compound the regenerative effect. Rejuvenation Medi-Spa is proud to offer a number of spa services and even medical treatments that can help to reverse accumulated damage.

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