The Benefits of (Great) Eyebrows

Rejuvenation Medi-Spa, Prince Frederick’s home for spa services, knows a thing or two about eyebrows. People that frequent our spa tend to agree that one of the major keys to a beautiful, expressive face is found in the brow; even still, you may be surprised to find out that keeping your eyebrows perfectly maintained can be more beneficial than you may believe.

The Key to Body Language and Subconscious Communication

While it may seem exaggerated to claim that eyebrows are a truly critical way for people communicate with one another and has a lot to do with the way we determine whether or not someone is attractive. Beyond clear skin, attire, and even a bright smile, your eyebrows are one of the best ways to better express yourself, attract attention, and generally look and feel better – if you keep them maintained, of course.

From Protecting to Expressing

While our eyebrows do (somewhat) serve to protect our eyes from bright lights and ultraviolet radiation from the sun, that function has now taken a backseat role to the expressive purpose that eyebrows serve. Our facial expression tend to give away how we feel before we even have the chance to consciously react to a situation, often altering the way that our communications play out in dramatic ways. Consider these perfectly characteristic expressions, and see if you can determine the tell-tale emotion that comes with them:

Interestingly, these and other eyebrow emotions can be quickly discerned by our mind without even seeing or hearing any other part of the face. If you were to only look at the eyes and eyebrows of a person feeling anger, joy, surprise, and more, you would likely be able to pick out the corresponding emotional state.


We consider those with better eyebrows to be more attractive and easier to get along with – even if we may not realize why we feel this way. If you keep your eyebrows neatly trimmed back (yet still present), you can be seen as more approachable, especially if the spa services you received when getting the done were performed by someone that knows how to leave your resting brow in a more approachable position than was naturally present. This means that whether it is a business acquaintance or a future spouse, your facial features will be more striking, memorable, and expressive – positive qualities in each case. Likewise, if your eyebrows are poorly done – or worse, gone – then people will be more likely to find you difficult to interact with, less attractive, and even less friendly!

Growing Significance

In today’s society, having “full” eyebrows that aren’t bushy is considered to be a highly desirable quality. More and more women are not only seeking spa services to get their eyebrows professionally maintained, but even using temporary or permanent makeup to darken or “fill” their eyebrows in more. This added level of eye-catching color makes for easier expression and a more strikingly beautiful face. After all, we look one another in the eye when making direct communication, so why not invest in the expressive frame that truly enables the eye to become the “gateway to the soul.” It should come as no surprise that both men and women are now taking a more discerning look at what they look like whenever making eye contact, as their eyebrows accompany every emotion their face portrays – whether the person means them to or not.

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