Other Common Skin Damaging Sources

In our previous blog, we highlighted the most common skin damaging source: The sun’s ultraviolet radiation. There are, however, many other ways that skin can suffer long- and short-term damage; today, we’ll cover many of the most common of the non-solar skin damaging elements.

Skin Damaging Habits and Habitats


Smoking is bad for your body in general, but can be especially harmful to skin in a number of interesting ways. In general, a smoker’s skin is more likely to be more prone to wrinkling, heal more slowly from injury, and look overall muted and less healthy. This is likely due in large part to smoking’s tendency to cause blood vessels to constrict, depriving skin of oxygen. Interestingly, nicotine in general has interaction with skin; nicotine is poisonous to the body, so it gets pushed out through pores in the skin, which causes the buzz that nicotine is famous for.


Any teenager can tell you that a pimple always seems to appear days before the prom. As tragic as this may seem, it is likely that their stress about the upcoming dance and date actually caused the pimple in the first place. High stress levels are bad for the body in general, and cause chemical imbalances in the body that impact skin. Stress-caused blemishes can be as minor as a pimple and as major to widespread acne or early-onset wrinkling.

Lack of Restful Sleep

It can’t be stressed highly enough how important restful sleep is to your body. A recent study even suggests that deep, restful sleep provides the body a chance to clean out harmful toxins in the brain. The same is true for the body itself, sleep gives our body’s a chance to restore function to overworked and overstimulated areas from the day before, including skin. A lack of sleep can leave your skin puffy, pale, and, most infamously, leave bags under the eyes; a chronic lack of restful sleep exponentially increases these damages and can cause early aging effects.

Smiling and Frowning

Most of us have heard of smile and frown wrinkles. It has long been a belief that you can see the type of life an elderly person has led, simply by looking upon their face; a happy person will have smile wrinkles, with unhappy people bearing wrinkles that indicate their frowning nature. In either case, the skin’s elasticity can only fully restore the skin to a flat, level surface a finite number of times. Sunlight further compounds this drop in elasticity, speeding the wrinkling process greatly near the end of life in most people.

It’s Not Hopeless

While it may seem like we’re painting a pretty bleak picture, the reality is that it is never too late to begin reducing visible skin damage by avoiding irritants, including excessive sunlight, as much as possible; combine this with modern services and treatments to compound the regenerative effect. Rejuvenation Medi-Spa is proud to offer a number of spa services and even medical treatments that can help to reverse accumulated damage.

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