Diet & Skin Health

“Diet” has become a dirty word in today’s society, with emerging evidence proving the dangers of crash dieting, and how diets in general often do not give our bodies what they need or provide lasting results. Aside from dieting, and the “Diet” strapped on sugary drinks with less calories (you’re not fooling us, by the way), your diet is actually just an all-encompassing term for the things you regularly eat. Yep, everyone has a diet, all the time. Ask yourself, what does your diet do for your body, and do you know the implications the food you’re ingesting has upon you overall? What about your skin health?

Diet’s Surprising Importance

We can probably all eat a little better. While this is a commonly understood fact, and a gripe we’ve bemoaned time and time again, the simple statement “eating better” is exceedingly vague, and does little to define what that means or why. For your skin, eating more leafy green vegetables and a healthy amount of omega-3 fatty acids is ideal. Which is interesting, because the same could be said about weight loss, heart health, stimulated brain activity, reducing cancer risk, and a seriously long list of other health-related benefits. Just by eating more green veggies, avocado, and some salmon you can not only enjoy healthier skin, but a healthier overall body.

Sounds great, but why do so few people do that? Simply put: other things taste very good to most people. Sugars and dairy products are especially dangerous for most people, and we’re not just referring to soda and candy. Dairy and sugars, and things that our bodies digest as sugars, represent most comfort foods, which are actually bad for skin (and overall) health. These foods can irritate acne-prone skin and actually take away your skin’s natural shine.

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