Common Myths About Laser Hair Removal That Need Debunking

At Rejuvenation Medical Spa in the Prince Frederick area, laser hair removal is one of our main services, and a popular one at that! We very much believe in the beneficial qualities of laser hair removal. Unfortunately, certain myths and fictions have been passed around regarding the procedure, and a lot of people buy into them. Here are some things about laser hair removal that we’re sick of hearing!

1: Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Work on Dark Skin

Laser hair removal tech has greatly evolved and changed over the years. At one point in time, this myth was true; the older laser technology was different and could cause a loss of skin pigmentation to darker skinned people.

However, times have changed! Modern lasers are calibrated and customized for each individual patient, and there has been a load of laser technology that has been specifically engineered to treat darker skin tones. This myth is a thing of the past!

2 – Laser Hair Removal Is Too Painful

What a paradox it is that many people are comfortable getting a waxing treatment, but are afraid of laser hair removal! This word-of-mouth myth still has traction among a lot of people.

In modern treatments, it’s not uncommon to feel some sort of discomfort when you get the procedure, but it seldom resembles pain, and when it does, it’s minimal. There are also solutions that can ease this sensation, such as numbing creams. The overwhelming majority of patients tend to agree that waxing is much more than laser hair removal.

3 – Laser Hair Removal is a “One and Done” Deal

It’s easy to jump into the assumption that laser hair removal is a one-time procedure. A lot of people like to believe that the lasers simply burn your hairs out and you’re just good to go after that. These people will be disappointed when their hair grows back soon after treatment.

Laser hair removal gradually removes hair follicles over time; this means that multiple treatments are required to get a lasting effect. It’s definitely something you have to commit to!

4 – All Laser Hair Treatments Are the Same

Laser hair removal has a lot of nuances, and your quality of service will absolutely vary depending on who you choose to get it from. There’s not a “one-size fits all” solution for laser hair removal; in other words, every patient has their own unique needs that need to be accounted for.

Skin tone, hair color, and hair thickness are all factors that play into a laser treatment. You will also get varying levels of comfort depending on where you go. This is why we recommend visiting a medical spa; at Rejuvenation, we’ll do everything in our power to make you feel like royalty when you’re getting your treatment.

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